Understanding Debt Collection: Analyzing a Sample Call Script

Debt collection is a crucial aspect of any financial services company, especially for Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) fintech firms. Effective communication and a clear understanding of the customer's needs are vital to ensure that the debt is recovered without causing undue stress to the customer.

In this article, we will analyze a sample call script from Cool Fintech, an imaginary BNPL fintech company, to gain insights into their approach to debt collection, their communication style, and how they handle sensitive customer information.

Through this analysis, we will provide a better understanding of what it takes to collect debt effectively and sensitively while maintaining a positive customer relationship.

Example Call script:

  • Operator(O): Hello, my surname is Andersen. Are you Henrik Lundqvist?
  • Client (C): Yes, this is Henrik.
  • O: Hello, Mr. Lundqvist. This is Cool Fintech. We noticed that you have a payment due for one of your contracts. Your payment amount for this period is €740 and is supposed to be paid before March 1st. Can you confirm if you are aware of this payment and when do you plan to make it?
  • C: Oh, I am aware of it. I can make the payment today.
  • O: That's great to hear. Just to confirm, you will be making a payment of €740 today, correct?
  • C: Yes, I will.
  • O: Thank you for confirming that. Can you also confirm the payment method you would like to use?
  • C: Sure, I will make the payment through wire transfer.
  • O: Alright, we will note that on your account. Also, in order to convey debt information to you in time and avoid any unnecessary impact, can you please provide an alternate phone number for us to contact you?
  • C: Yes, my alternate number is +46703219876.
  • O: Thank you for providing that information. Finally, as a reminder, please make sure to pay your next period installment 5 days earlier before the due date, which is March 26th. Is there anything else you need from us today?
  • C: No, that's all. Thank you for your help.
  • O: You're welcome, Mr. Lundqvist. Thank you for your prompt payment. Have a great day.

What Are the Stages of a Collection Call

  1. Identity Check & Meet the Operator

    Operator introduces themselves and verifies the client's identity.

  2. "The Debt is Looming" - Remind correct amount:

    Operator reminds the client of the payment amount due for their contract.

  3. "Choose Your Weapon" - Selecting a Payment Channel:

    Operator asks the client to confirm the payment channel they would like to use to make the payment.

  4. ""Get Connected" - Providing Contact Information:

    Operator asks the client to provide an alternate phone number to contact them for future debt information.

  5. "Seal the Deal" - Agreeing on Payment and Future Installments

    Operator confirms the payment details with the client and reminds them to pay the next period installment 5 days earlier before the due date.

  6. Follow-up Communication

    After the call, send a message to the client with payment details and agreed-upon information. This serves as a record of the agreement and reminds the client of the payment amount, channel used, and next installment due date.


The sample call script from Cool Fintech provides insights into their approach to debt collection, which emphasizes effective communication and sensitivity towards the customer's needs.

The operator in the script follows a structured process that includes verifying the customer's identity, reminding them of the payment amount due, selecting the payment channel, providing alternate contact information, and agreeing on payment details and future installments. The operator maintains a polite and professional tone throughout the call, ensuring that the customer feels respected and valued.

Successful debt collection requires effective communication, sensitivity towards the customer's needs, and a structured process that helps maintain a positive customer relationship.

While the sample call script provides an ideal scenario, there are many things that an operator should avoid, such as being rude, aggressive, or threatening, as these can cause undue stress to the customer and damage the company's reputation.