Integrations to third party data sources

Elevate your decision-making with Decisimo by integrating real-time third-party data or your own microservices. With a variety of integration options, enriching your evaluations has never been easier.

Integration Methods



  • Real-time Data Access: Directly call third-party data services over REST to fetch JSON or XML data in real-time.
  • Microservices Support: Integrate your proprietary microservices. Secure the data flow by setting up VPNs or whitelisting endpoints.
  • Just Like Using Postman: Defining an endpoint in Decisimo is as straightforward as setting it up in Postman.
REST API Integration Illustration

How to Integrate:

  1. Endpoint Configuration: Add the third-party REST endpoint within Decisimo.
  2. Security Setup: Configure VPN and whitelisting settings for your endpoints, if necessary.
  3. Test: Use Decisimo's built-in testing features to verify the integration.

Data Usage: Decisimo appends the entire output from your REST calls directly into your data object. No data mapping required.

2. From Templates


  • Quick Setup: Choose from predefined templates for common services like Ekata, Google Places API, SEON, and Fraudlabs.
  • BYOAPI: Just add your own API keys for each integrated third-party service.
Jumpstart integration with a template.

How to Integrate:

  1. Template Selection: Pick a template from our library that matches the third-party service you want to integrate.
  2. API Key Input: Provide your API key for the chosen service.

Data Usage: Like REST API integrations, all fetched data is automatically appended to your data object.

3. Data Marketplace (Launching Soon)


  • Pay-as-you-go: Top-up your Decisimo wallet and pay only for the data services you use.
  • No Contracts: We handle the vendor relationships so you can focus on using the data.

How to Integrate:

  1. Wallet Top-up: Once launched, add funds to your Decisimo wallet.
  2. Service Selection: Browse available services and select the ones you need.
  3. Automatic Integration: Upon selection, the service will be immediately incorporated into your decision engine.

Data Usage: As with other methods, all data fetched from the marketplace will be directly appended to your data object.

Get Started

Want to enhance your decision engine with robust, real-time data? Reach out to our support team for tailored integration advice.

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