Data sources you can use

Data sources can help you enrich decision-making on the fly.
Decisimo allows for integrating any RESTful API directly within your decision flow.

Minimum API requirements for integration?

Be accessible via the internet, and have JSON or XML response content.

Types of third party external data

What are examples of the kind of valuable third-party services that can be integrated into Decisimo?

  • Anti-fraud services
  • Address validation
  • Email checking & profiling services
  • Your internal data services

We have several templates that you can use for faster integration of popular data services. You can find guides to using those templates here.

How to use results?

Any response that comes from third-party data services, can be used in the rest of the decision flow.

Output from each data service request is stored in attribute output as JSON based on which decision flow step the request was made and what is the name of the service name used within the definition.