Quick introductory guide

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And now we continue with these only 3 stages to start on the path of smart decisions:


  • Sign into your account. Sign up an account if you do not have one here.
  • And then create an API endpoint (you can create also a staging one). Here you create like this the API endpoint.
  • And then integrate the endpoint into your system.
  • Then start building the decision flow that will be making the decisions at the endpoint.

Configure your rules and decision logic

  • Sign into your Control Panel / Dashboard and configure the basic rules at “Rule sets” such as:
    • Put basic rules into rule sets
    • If you have decision tree, rewrite it into a decision table
  • In case you want to enrich your data with external services, define integrations.
  • We have many templates for quick integration of many popular data services. You can check out guides for integrategion here.
  • If you have some cool machine learning model that you trained in python, just import it.
  • Put all the blocks into a decision flow
  • Release the decision flow and test it out

Test the configuration

  • Test the release with a sample JSON as you would send to an endpoint
  • Deploy the release to an endpoint - initially to a staging one
  • Use your favorite API mock request tool - Postman, SoapUI.

Run the decision making

  • Deploy your release to the production endpoint and make decisions.