Decisimo rule sets

Rule sets

Our platform allows you to easily implement business rules logic by comparing data from your system and updating the rules on the fly.

Whether you need to compare numbers, texts, time-based data, or use regular expressions, our platform makes it easy to define and update your rules. This allows you to quickly and easily adapt to changing business needs, ensuring that your decision logic is always up-to-date and effective.

Decisimo decision tables

Decision tables

Our platform's decision table allows you to use multiple independent variables (also known as conditions) and multiple dependent variables (also known as actions).

The conditions you can use for evaluation include classic options like equal or not equal, as well as more advanced options like closed/open intervals. This flexibility allows you to create sophisticated decision logic that can be applied to a wide range of situations.

Decisimo Decision flows

Decision flows

Easy to use drag and drop builder to define flow of your decision logic. All components such as models, rule sets, decision tables and data sources, can be used in multiple different decision flows.

The execution of parts of flows can be branched based for product-specific logic or running a champion/challenger.

Decisimo endpoints

Decision endpoints

We have a network of execution endpoints. Once you build decision flow, test it out, you can deploy it to any endpoint in one of our locations.

Locations are regionally distributed to ensure response speed and regional data protection requirements.

AI and machine learning models


Do you have a machine learning model that you want to use in your decision flows? Our platform makes it easy to import and use your model in your decision logic.

Simply dump your final model, import it into our engine, and call it directly to make decisions.

This means you can use not only traditional rule-based logic, but also your own custom models, to make more informed and accurate decisions.

Decisimo decision tables

Data source connection

Looking to enrich the data used in your decision flows? Our platform can connect to any REST API that responds in JSON or XML format, allowing you to access a wide range of data sources.

What's more, our engine can execute multiple calls to different data sources in parallel, reducing execution time and improving efficiency.

Common types of data sources used in decision flows include requests to credit bureaus, public blacklists, and third-party scoring or data providers. Streamline your data enrichment process with our platform.

Decisimo unit testing

Batch processing

Looking to process large amounts of data using decision logic on a daily basis? Our platform can help with tasks like client segmentation, prescoring, and portfolio evaluation.

With the ability to retrieve data from FTP, Google Cloud Storage, or S3 bucket, our engine can process and push back results, using the same decision flow as real-time scoring.

Decisimo unit testing

Unit testing

Decision intelligence portal allows to run a unit test - a test to evaluate whether rules, decision tables, or models are executing decisions as expected. This way you can use different types of inputs and see results.

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